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N Type TOPCon Modules

Q-SUN TOPCon is a leading&mainstream solar technology on the basis of N-type monocrystalline silicon, TOPCon cell structure and correspondingly improved encapsulating technologies. TOPCon cell can reach 28.7% as its upper limit of conversion efficiency, while PERC can reach 24.5%. N Type Series Module designed to meet the specific needs of distributed solar installations. Our TOPCon 54 cells module is the perfect size for rooftops, while its TOPCon structure delivers exceptional efficiency. We've also created a light design that's particularly well-suited for home power system, making it easier than ever to install and enjoy the benefits of solar power.

For those seeking advanced power output, our N type mono crystalline 470W solar module is an excellent choice. And with our 72 cells module, featuring multiple grid and half cell technique, you'll enjoy improved light utilization and current collection capabilities, resulting in even greater power output and reliability.

Trust our Photovoltaic N Type TOPCon Module products to provide the highest quality solar solutions for different applications.


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